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Water Filtration Services

We specialize in a wide range of water filtration services, from the installation of advanced systems to the ongoing maintenance and servicing of these systems. Our expertise covers various applications to ensure clean and safe water in diverse settings.

Supplier to Business

We supply businesses with top-notch water filtration equipment and services. Our solutions are tailored for commercial needs, serving industries, offices, and manufacturing facilities that require pristine water for their operations.

Water knows no boundaries, and neither do we, serving the world with pure water solutions.

Supplier to Private Consumers

We also cater to individual consumers by offering residential water filtration solutions. Our focus is on providing home-based water purification systems, guaranteeing safe water for households.

International Supplier

We have the capability to serve clients worldwide. This means we can export our water filtration products and services to different countries, ensuring they meet international standards and regulations for quality and safety.

Local Supplier

In addition to our international reach, we’re dedicated to our local community. We provide water filtration solutions to businesses and consumers right here in our region, ensuring everyone has access to clean and dependable water.

On-Site Supplier

Our services go beyond the traditional supply model. We offer on-site support, including the installation and maintenance of water filtration systems directly at your location. This ensures that your water quality remains consistently high and meets the standards you expect.

We can supply wholesale

  • Pallet – 60 x 20L (* maximum two pallets daily)
  • On-site fill 1x 1000L (* subject to location)
  • Click & Collect 1x 20L – 1000L (* per visit )
  • On-Line (amazon shop) from 1x 20L – infinity. (* subject to availability)

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Most Frequently Asked Questions!

We proudly support a wide range of industries, including horticultural, valet services, manufacturing, building, aquatic requirements, electronics (semiconductors/batteries), camping/caravaning, window cleaners, and home & garden enthusiasts. Our water is versatile and suitable for diverse applications.

We take pride in our commitment to quality, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service. Our triple-filtered, ultra-pure water is a testament to our dedication to delivering the best. We won't be beaten on price or service within the UK.

You can place an order through our website, by calling us at 01904 628600, or via email at We offer multiple convenient options to suit your needs.

We offer a range of quantities to meet your specific needs, including pallet orders (60 x 20L bottles), on-site fills (1x 1000L, subject to location), click & collect (1x 20L - 1000L per visit), and online purchases through our Amazon shop (from 1x 20L to infinity, subject to availability).

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